Word for the Week

The Servant would be “despised and rejected by men,” Isaiah tells us in the passage we were studying on Sunday, Isaiah 53:1-3.

Why would that be?  Why would Isaiah predict that humanity would turn against the One who claimed – and demonstrated – that He had been sent by God to help them?  Why would people be so ungrateful?

We see the answer to these questions when we look at the life of Jesus, as described in the New Testament gospels.  We see that the things He spoke about, the need for repentance and faith, the call to put God’s priorities first in their lives, were not at all what people wanted to hear.

They knew that to accept what Jesus was saying, to take Him at his word, would mean that their lives would need to change, and that was an unwelcome message.  And so they rejected Him and all that He had come to do for them.

Isaiah’s prophecy shows us that humanity’s rejection of Jesus didn’t take God by surprise in any way: He knew that this was how we would respond to His beloved Son. He knew it from the creation of the world.  Yet still He sent Jesus, the true Suffering Servant.  Why?  Because He loves us enough to die for us.


Monday   Matthew 16:21-28
Tuesday   Mark 12:1-12
Wednesday   Luke 4:14-30
Thursday   Luke 11:14-28
Friday   John 11:45-57
Saturday   John 12:37-50