Word for the Week

Our Advent book, Love Came Down at Christmas, challenges us day after day about our lack of love for one another.  The author, Sinclair Ferguson, gives us food for thought when he comments on the words in today’s reading, “…When perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.”

“When perfection comes, the extraordinary insights of the gifts of knowledge and prophecy and the ability to speak in other tongues – will be seen for what they are – only partial, only little pieces.  In fact, it takes all the gifts Christ has given to our church family to put him on display – and even then, we do that only partially.  The day has not yet arrived when we will see him ‘face to face’ (v.12) – all in one piece, as it were.  Understanding this breeds humility because it underlines the “not-yet-ness” of our present Christian experience.

Like the Corinthians, we have been given gifts to enable us to kneel before each other in love and say, “I have something here that Jesus has given me to pass on to you.  He loves you.  He has given this gift to me so that I can have a way of expressing my love for you, too.  Please receive it from me, because it is for the common good and for building up the church (14:12).  But our gifts are only partial.  Only a fragment of who Jesus is and how much he loves us is expressed in our gifts.”[1]

Our readings this week focus on Jesus’ love for us and how knowing that helps us to pass on to others the good news that He loves them and wants them to know Him.


Monday   Mark 10:17-27
Tuesday   Matthew 5:43-48
Wednesday   Luke 7:11-17
Thursday   John 13:33-38
Friday   John 15:9-17

[1] Ferguson, Sinclair, Love Came Down at Christmas, p. 122-3